About Us


Alexandra Matias Jewelry was founded in 2012 by Alexandra Matias, Gemologist and Official Appraiser. It is located in one of the most elegant shopping destinations in Lisbon, Rua Castilho.

Beauty and design are passions that we deepen daily through the discovery of special jewels with history, the creation of new jewels from the fusion of others or their renewal. Through Alexandra Matias Jewelry, we share these emotions with clients who realize their luxury dreams in an intelligent and ecological way.

The jewels we select are intended for strong, decisive and sophisticated personalities who seek and deserve exclusivity. Irresistible to touch and look, our jewels are sober, elegant and timeless.

In all our interactions with clients and partners, we apply the three values recommended by the brand: absolute ethics, dedication with passion to the service provided and total secrecy.


The quality and professionalism recognized by our customers are only possible thanks to the excellence of our team, which uniquely combines technical know-how with innovation and art in the manufacture of its creations.

We have in our team the specialized knowledge of a Gemologist and Official Appraiser accredited by the Casa da Moeda.

We also count on the collaboration of creatives that contribute to the innovation that we pursue and manually execute perfectly all the projects of updating and rehabilitation of the pieces. They create unique pieces, conceived from existing jewels with a history, reusing not only the materials but also the previous form and conception. They highlight the previous life of the jewels, not always with the same functionality, as they acquire their own identity to live another story without ceasing to be what they were. The functionalities are disrupted and another language is installed, making them original, refined and unique.

A set of partners worldwide guarantees us access to the best pieces and gems that we offer to our customers.


We reconcile the beauty and creativity of our pieces with environmental concerns by reusing all materials, thus giving them a second opportunity to use.

We avoid the extraction of new gold and new gems that represent expensive and unfriendly processes. Gold and gems retain all their qualities and characteristics and do not undergo any changes.

Thus, through processes of renovation, updating and fusion of parts, we were able to recreate parts without any sign of use. We use noble materials such as natural stones, pearls, gold, silver and platinum.